• Italian Society of Histochemistry
    • 4 scholarship from the society will be offered (CLOSED May 15)
  • The Histochemical Society (HCS)
    • A minimum of 3 travel trainee scholarships will be provided by the HCS and JHC to support The Histochemical Society attendance at ICHC 2022
  • Society for Histochemistry (SfH)
    • Deadline for applications: 30 June 2022 (RE-OPENED

    • Requirements for applicants:

      1. Age under 35 years at the commencing date of the congress i.e. 28 August, 2022

      2. Submission of the application must include:

      • short curriculum vitae
      • abstract (preferentially but not exclusively) relevant to the Society for Histochemistry session „Progressive Methods and Probes for Light and Electron Microscopy”)
      • letter of recommendation from your PhD supervisor

In case you are interested in any of the scholarships, please contact: info@ichc.website